This site is the internets #1 facebook password Cracking tool

If you've landed on this website, your here for one reason. (Please do not tell me as I do not care) Please anwser the following questions to determine if this is the thing for you to do.

My passowrd hacking tool works better then any on the net, so if your really wanting to get the job done, then this it.


But I also DO NOT accept cash. There will be 3 Payment offers presented before you get the password. They are easy email submit offers, and there are three in total you must complete. In honesty I get paid 25 cents when you submit your email to the three offers. I aint getting rich, but it pays for the developing of this tool. Once the offers are completed, this tool UNLOCKS FOR 24 HOURS. There is a limit of 200 accounts per day, that can be hacked. So please stay within the guidelines.

So with that said, if you cannot do that... move on to the next hacking tool, which probably dont work. But if your serious about getting the info you need, please continue.


FB Hacking Team

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